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Marriage On The Rocks? 5 Signs It’s Time To End The Relationship

Man looking at his girlfriend having a headache sitting at a table in the living room

Sometimes it doesn’t matter how much effort you put into something, in the end things just don’t work out. This can happen with anything in life—from the career you choose to educational choices to relocating to a new city. And, unfortunately, it can happen with a marriage. […]

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4 Steps To Take Immediately Following A Car Accident

iStock_000030703104_Small (1)

Have you ever been in a car accident? If you have, you know how terrifying the experience can be. Even a seemingly insignificant fender bender can set your heart racing. Those first few moments after an accident are vital and action must be taken. This can be […]

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12 Property Assets To Keep An Eye On During Divorce Proceedings

Divorce agreement. Wife and husband can not make settlement

When a couple get married, the last thing they think about is how to protect their assets from the other person. This concern usually arises once divorce proceedings have begun. Suddenly the person they trusted most is someone that they have to protect themselves from. It’s a […]

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The 2 Powerful Entities In Charge Of Investigating White Collar Crime

Pocketing company money. Cropped shot of a businessman placing money into his pocket

Patricia Driscoll is being investigated for allegations that she mishandled funds for the Armed Forces Foundation. Why is this story getting so much attention? For one thing, Patricia Dirscoll is the ex-girlfriend of NASCAR driver Kurt Busch. For another thing, the Armed Forces Foundation is a multimillion […]

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2 Reasons Why a Raise in DWI Arrests Is Encouraging

A DUI check point in Anaheim, CA.

At first glance, the idea that a raise in the number of DWI arrests in North Carolina seems ludicrous. Doesn’t that just mean that more drivers are making the decision to drive while intoxicated with drugs or alcohol? Not necessarily. In an article posted to WRAL.com on […]

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Are You Accused of Illegal Weapons Charge? 2 Reasons to Contact a Lawyer


The subject of guns and gun laws has caused a lot of debate and tensions in the country over the last few years. It seems that the country is split right down the middle between those who want tougher gun laws and restrictions, and those who demand […]

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3 Areas to Protect Yourself In During a Divorce

Leadership Signpost Showing Vision Values Empowerment and Encouragement

 There are certain things in life that bring out the worst in people. One of these times is when someone goes through a divorce. A breakup can bring out a side of people that may surprise even them. Whether you’re surprised by your spouse’s attitude and actions […]

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3 Reasons Why You Should See An Attorney About Child Custody Issues

Custody of child

As parents, you and your spouse have many decisions to make about the wellbeing of your child. While you were married, there may have been some disagreements about such matters, but ultimately they were settled. Why? Well, because you and your spouse looked beyond yourselves and made […]

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3 Ways a Defense Attorney Will Argue an Embezzlement Case

Pocketing company money. Cropped shot of a businessman placing money into his pocket

This year, the World Meeting of Families is being held in Philadelphia. The Vatican’s archbishop, Vincenzo Paglia, who is in charge of overseeing this meeting is currently being investigated for embezzlement. In an article written on May 29, 2015 by David O’Reilly, staff writer for The Inquirer, […]

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2 Professionals You Should Consult Before Going Ahead with Divorce Proceedings

Young marriage in crisis trying solve problem during psychotherapy

No one wants to get a divorce. Even those who feel that a divorce will bring them freedom still have some feelings of regret when it comes to signing divorce papers. Besides the hurt feelings that often accompany divorce proceedings, there may be feelings of failure, disappointment, […]

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