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Traffic Fatalities: The Most Common Causes

traffic fatalities

According to a statement released by the US Department of Transportation on December 19, 2014, traffic fatalities were down by 3.1% from the previous year. The number of fatalities in total is down 25% since 2004. This is great news, but it still means over 32,000 people […]

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DWI’s and Fatal Accidents in North Carolina


On March 11, 2015, there was a fatal car crash in Durham, NC that resulted in the death of one person and the injury of three others. According to a news report posted by WNCN on March 12, 2015, three cars were involved in the crash and […]

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Truck Accidents and the Law – Part II

truck accidents

Truck accidents and car accidents are both traumatizing situations in which to find yourself. Accidents involving a large truck, though, tend to be more serious. Trucks can cause more damage and more instances of injury or loss of life as compared to car accidents. If you’re the […]

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Truck Accidents and the Law – Part I

truck accidents

One life experience no one wants to go through is a traffic accident. A car accident is one thing; even worse is being involved in a truck accident. Both are devastating, with injury, loss of property, and the loss of life. However, truck accidents are much more […]

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How Assets Are Divided During a Divorce – Part II

divorce attorney

While North Carolina is an equitable division state, this doesn’t automatically mean that all assets will be divided equally. The judge will determine what is fair for all parties involved and divide the assets based on that determination. Today we will discuss some of the things a […]

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How Assets Are Divided During a Divorce – Part I


If you’re facing a divorce, you’re probably concerned with how your property and assets are going to be divided. It’s important to know what gets divided, what you get to keep, and who is responsible for what debts. Here’s what you should know if you’re a North […]

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Why the Family Law Profession Exists

family law

If you look online or in the phone book under attorney, you will find pages and pages of options available to you. There are criminal defense attorneys, divorce lawyers, personal injury lawyers, and corporate attorneys just to name a few. Life is very intricate and every aspect […]

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What Happens Now That You’ve Decided It’s Time for a Divorce

divorce attorney

The majority of the people entering into marriage aren’t thinking about divorce when they say their “I do’s”. No one wants to think about their marriage failing and most do all they can to rebuild the relationship with their spouse when they experience hardships. At times, though, […]

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Drug Abuse and Manufacturing on the Rise in North Carolina

drug related crimes

The manufacture of illegal drugs, especially Crystal Meth, is increasing across the country. Also on the rise is the improper use and abuse of prescription drugs. Drug sales and use have been issues throughout history, but it’s becoming even more of a big business in the past […]

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Avoiding Bicycle Accidents – Bikes vs. Automobiles – Part I

accidents attorney

One of the scariest things a bicyclist can experience is being hit by an automobile. Even a near-miss can make one question whether they should continue riding or not. Riding a bike is a great form of exercise, is good for the environment, and saves money. It’s […]

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