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Crackdown on Dangerous and Distracted Driving

dangerous driving in durham

Cars are speeding through neighborhoods and folks have had enough. The InterNeighborhood Council (INC), Bicycle and Pedestrian Commission (BPAC) and some individual citizens are pressing hard for a crackdown on dangerous and distracted driving in Durham neighborhoods. A recent report explains how they are attempting to send […]

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Banks worry about drug crimes despite legalization of marijuana

Banks across the nation are struggling to develop a plan for dealing with the new customers seeking to open accounts for marijuana based businesses. While two states have legalized the recreational use of marijuana, it is still in violation of federal laws. It is a toss up […]

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Guilford Co. DWI Task Force Makes 600+ DWI Arrests

DWI Defense Lawyer

Guilford County law enforcement has been enforcing drunk driving laws extremely effectively since January 1. The article states that in addition to the DWI charges: The DWI Task Force is also responsible for writing 687 citations for driving without a seat belt, 433 speeding tickets, and 416 citations for […]

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Tougher DWI Penalties

Durham DWi Lawyer

An article recently highlighted Mothers Against Drunk Driving plea for tougher DWI penalties. The article reference a recent accident, ironically enough, involving a mother driving her children. MADD like to see North Carolina join with other states making DWI a felony. Currently it is a misdemeanor, but don’t think that […]

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Should you take the breath test?

Breath test | Durham DWI lawyer

Whether or not to take the DWI breath test is likely that was frequently asked questions many DWI lawyer. There are penalties for refusing, but there are good rules of thumb to consider if you are faced with this decision. Clearly, take it if you’ve not been […]

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What to do after an Car Accident

durham car accident attorney

Do you know what to do in the aftermath of a car accident to prevent further injuries, reduce costs and accelerate the clean-up and repair process? The Consumer Protection Association of America is increasing public awareness on this subject by developing a list of suggestions to help drivers […]

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What are driver’s logs?


A North Carolina traffic law enacted in 2011 requires new drivers to document 60 hours of driving by means of a driver’s log. While driving on the learners permit, up to 10 hours of driving per week may be logged. This means the long will cover a […]

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Divorce Mediation

Durham divorce lawyer

What is divorce mediation? When a couple believes they can divorce under favorable conditions, they may choose mediation. This is one of third party mediates an agreement between the two parties. This should not be confused with arbitration, which is when a third-party lenders and finding agreement. […]

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After Divorce

whitecouple on bench

It’s easy to be so focused on getting divorced that you don’t consider what will follow. Lasting effects are so great that some couple reconsider. The challenges of life after divorce may exceed those that marriage. The Law Office of John C. Fitzpatrick offers this perspective hoping […]

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Halloween DWI

Halloween DWI Defense Each Haloween people are charged with DWI. Durham criminal defense lawyer John Fitzpatrick has helped countless people after being arrest for driving drunk. There will be sobriety checkpoint in Durham and across the triangle. In other states law enforcement call DWI roadblocks. North Carolina law enforcement will have extra officers working, in […]

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