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Divorce and the Financial Impact—4 Ways to Protect Yourself Financially

torn divorce decree and cash, with wedding ring

Divorce takes a heavy toll on the whole family. Relationships are strained as is the emotional wellbeing of everyone in the family. Divorce also takes a financial toll. Depending on how well prepared a person is or isn’t, permanent separation could be financially devastating. The Heavy Financial […]

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Restoring Confidence in Justice—What One Man Has Done To Change the System


The founding fathers of the United States Constitution and justice system had grand ideas—that everyone is equal, should be properly represented in court and receive a fair trial. If these are the principles that this country’s judiciary system is founded upon, why are more people than ever […]

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4 Requests a Defendant Can Make If Case Evidence Is Lost


Knowing that it is the legal obligation and responsibility of law representatives to preserve crime scene evidence should give us confidence. However, there have been cases in which material evidence, that which is crucial to the outcome of a criminal case, has been lost or destroyed. Thankfully, […]

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Divorced Parents and Child Custody—3 Options for Creating a Parenting Plan


If you’ve been through a divorce and have children, you know there are many decisions that need to be made for your children. These decisions are all going to be legally based due to the divorce in order to ensure the proper care and support of any […]

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4 Objections Critics Have to the Exclusionary Rule in Criminal Cases—Part II


Over the years, revisions have been made to Amendments of the Constitution to clarify laws and protect the citizens of this country. One such revision was the amendment to the Fourth Amendment of the Constitution—the Exclusionary Rule. Even though this rule was put in place to protect […]

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2 Things You Need to Do If Your Case Evidence Is Lost

court house building

It is the legal requirement of law enforcement representatives to preserve evidence from a crime scene. Evidence can be used by the criminal defense attorney and the prosecution to build and defend their case. Law enforcement officers and the lawyers for both the defense and prosecution have […]

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4 Objections Critics Have to the Exclusionary Rule in Criminal Cases—Part I

Magnifying Glass on Preamble to the Constitution of USA

Critics—they’re everywhere. Some people are so good at expressing their opinions that they turn it into a living and become professional critics. Others are just average Joe’s who express their concerns to improve and change things around them that aren’t up to par. This is even true […]

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5 Types of Evidence That Must Be Legally Preserved

Bagging evidence

When a crime has been committed there is evidence. Evidence includes data, statements from suspects and witnesses, as well as items found at a crime scene. The law requires that these things be preserved so that investigators can figure out exactly what happened—how the crime was committed, […]

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Car Accidents—2 Steps to Take Before Contacting Your Insurance Company

car accidents

A car accident—one of the most heart pounding situations to ever find yourself in. Whether you caused the accident or are the victim, there are steps you will need to take to protect yourself. Your first inclination may be to call your insurance company right after the […]

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Illegally Obtained Evidence—The Number 1 Reason Why It Isn’t Permissible In Court


Turn on your television and you’re sure to find some sort of police drama playing. Such shows give us a glimpse into the world of detectives, police investigations, evidence, crime scenes, and even coroner’s offices. Of course, this is entertainment, so most situations are dramatized and not […]

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