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4 Alcohol-Related Violations That Can Get You into Some Serious Trouble


Alcohol and alcohol-related violations have been a hot topic of debate for almost 200 years. The prohibition movement officially began in the 1820s, but the debate was especially intense during the early part of the twentieth century, with Prohibition becoming law in 1920. In 1933, a Constitutional […]

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White Collar Crimes—2 Reasons Why They Aren’t Going Away


When most people think of crimes they often immediately imagine violent crimes—rape, murder, assault. There are many different types of crimes, though, most of which are non-violent. But even these types of crimes have far-reaching and long-lasting effects. White collar crimes are some such crimes. Victims of […]

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Defective Products—2 Things to Consider Before Taking Legal Action


Over the past few years, it seems like we hear of a major incident involving defective products on a weekly basis. Defective baby toys, automobiles, even food products have caused thousands of injuries, illnesses and even the deaths. Auto Scandals—the Most Recent News in Defective Products In […]

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White Collar Crimes—3 Reasons Why They Take Years to Prosecute


White collar crimes are both famous and infamous. Television shows have made this type of crime seem exciting. In real life, however, these crimes can ruin the lives of innocent people. A major contributor to the economic fallout of 2008 was due to white collar crimes—everything from […]

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3 Things to Expect If You Have Caused a Fatal Accident

iStock_000019253766_Small (1)

One of the worst things anyone can ever go through is contributing to the death of another human being. Most of the people in this world hold life in high regard. They value their life and that of others. Sometimes there are accidents, though, and these can […]

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Careless Driving vs. Reckless Driving—2 Types of Traffic Violations and Their Differences

man using phone while driving the car

Certain terms that fall under the category of Traffic Violations—“reckless driving,” “careless driving,” “aggressive driving,” and “hazardous driving”—are all somewhat similar and many people use the terms interchangeably. Therefore, your first instinct may be to pay the ticket and be done with it. However, there may be […]

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Divorce and the Financial Impact—4 Ways to Protect Yourself Financially

torn divorce decree and cash, with wedding ring

Divorce takes a heavy toll on the whole family. Relationships are strained as is the emotional wellbeing of everyone in the family. Divorce also takes a financial toll. Depending on how well prepared a person is or isn’t, permanent separation could be financially devastating. The Heavy Financial […]

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Restoring Confidence in Justice—What One Man Has Done To Change the System


The founding fathers of the United States Constitution and justice system had grand ideas—that everyone is equal, should be properly represented in court and receive a fair trial. If these are the principles that this country’s judiciary system is founded upon, why are more people than ever […]

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4 Requests a Defendant Can Make If Case Evidence Is Lost


Knowing that it is the legal obligation and responsibility of law representatives to preserve crime scene evidence should give us confidence. However, there have been cases in which material evidence, that which is crucial to the outcome of a criminal case, has been lost or destroyed. Thankfully, […]

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Divorced Parents and Child Custody—3 Options for Creating a Parenting Plan


If you’ve been through a divorce and have children, you know there are many decisions that need to be made for your children. These decisions are all going to be legally based due to the divorce in order to ensure the proper care and support of any […]

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