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Why should I hire a personal injury lawyer?

If you’ve been injured in an accident, you need all the help you can get. While seeking legal representation as soon as possible is advisable, it’s unfortunately that some injury victims pick the first attorney they speak to and later come to regret it. Before you hire a personal […]

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What is a speed trap?

Many drivers in the triangle area caught speeding in what most call a “speed trap.” One officer parks on an I-40 overpass with a radar gun and calls the make and model of vehicles to multiple officers further down the road. There are many other techniques, but […]

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My Spouse Has a Divorce Attorney, Should I Hire My Own?

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If your spouse has already retained the services of a divorce attorney, you are going to need your own lawyer. While divorces certainly happen all the time with one or sometimes even no lawyers involved, that does not mean that it is necessarily in your best interest […]

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White Collar Crime Law Changes – The #1 Why the President Isn’t Happy

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It doesn’t matter if you’re a Republican, Democrat or Independent – we all recognize the fact that crime rates are rising. The rise in crime and subsequent incarceration has left us with prisons that are extremely overcrowded. Recently, a change in criminal law sentencing went into effect. […]

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2 Sides to Every Story—the Marijuana Legalization Debate: Part II


We’ve all heard the saying that there are two sides to every story. This is definitely true for the marijuana legalization debate. Both sides—supporters and opponents—are extremely passionate about their cause. While more people are beginning to support marijuana legalization, there are still many states where medical […]

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2 Sides to Every Story—the Marijuana Legalization Debate: Part I


Marijuana legalization has been at the center of political and legal debates for decades. Supporters don’t understand why marijuana is illegal, especially when there are legal drugs on the market that are much more dangerous. Critics are just as passionate about marijuana legalization as its supporters. The […]

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5 Things to Look For When Choosing Your Divorce Attorney

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No one goes into marriage thinking about what kind of divorce attorney they will need to hire down the road. For most, marriage is a sacred union and their vows are taken seriously – “till death do us part.” Unfortunately, approximately half of all marriages end in […]

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5 Reasons Why Marriage Might Be Preferred to Singleness


Love and marriage – we’ve been taught they go hand-in-hand, and yet many forgo marriage for singleness. Getting married has been a goal of most people for thousands of years, but it is becoming increasingly unpopular. What has contributed to this shift causing more people to celebrate […]

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4 Alcohol-Related Violations That Can Get You into Some Serious Trouble


Alcohol and alcohol-related violations have been a hot topic of debate for almost 200 years. The prohibition movement officially began in the 1820s, but the debate was especially intense during the early part of the twentieth century, with Prohibition becoming law in 1920. In 1933, a Constitutional […]

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White Collar Crimes—2 Reasons Why They Aren’t Going Away


When most people think of crimes they often immediately imagine violent crimes—rape, murder, assault. There are many different types of crimes, though, most of which are non-violent. But even these types of crimes have far-reaching and long-lasting effects. White collar crimes are some such crimes. Victims of […]

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