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2 Professionals You Should Consult Before Going Ahead with Divorce Proceedings

Young marriage in crisis trying solve problem during psychotherapy

No one wants to get a divorce. Even those who feel that a divorce will bring them freedom still have some feelings of regret when it comes to signing divorce papers. Besides the hurt feelings that often accompany divorce proceedings, there may be feelings of failure, disappointment, […]

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Federal Sting and Drug Trafficking Bust in North Carolina

Drugs spilled out of the socket on the banknote

On Thursday, May 14, 2015, a sting was conducted in North Carolina which resulted in the arrest of fifteen former and current law enforcement officers. The charge—drug trafficking. As you can imagine, shock, disbelief and disappointment have rippled through North Carolina. With the recent outrage against officers […]

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Ways to Protect Your Child’s Feelings During a Child Custody Case

child custody

Child custody cases can be some of the most emotionally traumatic experiences someone will ever have to go through. The parents are often in the middle of a divorce or separation, and that usually brings with it hurt feelings and anger. Plus, no parent wants to lose […]

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What to Expect If You Choose To Fight a Traffic Ticket

transportation and vehicle concept - parking ticket on car windscreen

When you receive a ticket for a traffic violation, sometimes you’re well aware of the mistake you made. However, there are situations in which a ticket is debatable. If you question the validity of the accusation against you, you may decide to fight the ticket. Even in […]

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Your Traffic Ticket—Pay It or Fight It?

Young woman reading speeding ticket, policeman in background

You’re driving along, listening to your radio and talking to your passenger, and are having a great day. Suddenly you hear a siren. You look in your rear view mirror and see something that makes everyone’s heart drop—the flashing lights of a police vehicle right behind you. […]

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North Carolina Child Support Laws

paper family with broken money heart and Child Support text

One of the biggest areas of contention between divorcing spouses is the children. Will the parents get joint custody or will one parent get sole custody? What about visitation? While these are important questions and have a lot of bearing on the happiness of a child, these […]

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North Carolina Divorce Facts

Signing  divorce papers

While all citizens are subject to a set of federal laws, we are also subject to state and local laws. Whether we’re following the traffic laws while driving down the road or filing for divorce, there are facts you need to be aware of. The more you […]

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Racial Discrimination—North Carolina, the US and the World

racial discrimination

Last week, we discussed an article that reported a study done on the rise of racial profiling and traffic stops in North Carolina. We can’t miss the fact that racial discrimination doesn’t stop there. It seems like every day there is a new story on the news […]

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Race Relations and Traffic Stops

Stop Discrimination word cloud in the shape of a palm, isolated

On April 12, 2015, the Charlotte Observer reported that there is an increase in racial disparity during traffic stops in Charlotte. The study was done by a research team from UNC-Chapel Hill. This team reviewed twelve years of records from the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department. Over that period, […]

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Gun Violence in Durham County

teen with handgun

The 2014 Durham Police Department’s Crime Report was released in March of this year. This report shows a startling 15% increase in violent crimes in the county, many of which are gun related. In fact, there have already been nine homicides this year and three of them […]

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