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4 Objections Critics Have to the Exclusionary Rule in Criminal Cases—Part I

Magnifying Glass on Preamble to the Constitution of USA

Critics—they’re everywhere. Some people are so good at expressing their opinions that they turn it into a living and become professional critics. Others are just average Joe’s who express their concerns to improve and change things around them that aren’t up to par. This is even true […]

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5 Types of Evidence That Must Be Legally Preserved

Bagging evidence

When a crime has been committed there is evidence. Evidence includes data, statements from suspects and witnesses, as well as items found at a crime scene. The law requires that these things be preserved so that investigators can figure out exactly what happened—how the crime was committed, […]

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Car Accidents—2 Steps to Take Before Contacting Your Insurance Company

car accidents

A car accident—one of the most heart pounding situations to ever find yourself in. Whether you caused the accident or are the victim, there are steps you will need to take to protect yourself. Your first inclination may be to call your insurance company right after the […]

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Illegally Obtained Evidence—The Number 1 Reason Why It Isn’t Permissible In Court


Turn on your television and you’re sure to find some sort of police drama playing. Such shows give us a glimpse into the world of detectives, police investigations, evidence, crime scenes, and even coroner’s offices. Of course, this is entertainment, so most situations are dramatized and not […]

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Divorce–3 Things You Should Expect During the Process


Only on rare occasions is a divorce a happy event in one’s life. Couples may be glad to get out of a bad situation and move on with their life, but there’s more to the story than that. Breaking up is difficult no matter what. As with […]

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4th Of July DWIs—3 Steps To Take If You Were Pulled Over

Drunk Driver Takes Sobriety Test

July 4th weekend is worrisome for law enforcement officers across the country. In fact, according to data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, July 4th has held the record of deadliest holiday between 2000 and 2009 because of DWIs. Thankfully, this July 4th weekend has been […]

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Marriage On The Rocks? 5 Signs It’s Time To End The Relationship

Man looking at his girlfriend having a headache sitting at a table in the living room

Sometimes it doesn’t matter how much effort you put into something, in the end things just don’t work out. This can happen with anything in life—from the career you choose to educational choices to relocating to a new city. And, unfortunately, it can happen with a marriage. […]

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4 Steps To Take Immediately Following A Car Accident

iStock_000030703104_Small (1)

Have you ever been in a car accident? If you have, you know how terrifying the experience can be. Even a seemingly insignificant fender bender can set your heart racing. Those first few moments after an accident are vital and action must be taken. This can be […]

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12 Property Assets To Keep An Eye On During Divorce Proceedings

Divorce agreement. Wife and husband can not make settlement

When a couple get married, the last thing they think about is how to protect their assets from the other person. This concern usually arises once divorce proceedings have begun. Suddenly the person they trusted most is someone that they have to protect themselves from. It’s a […]

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The 2 Powerful Entities In Charge Of Investigating White Collar Crime

Pocketing company money. Cropped shot of a businessman placing money into his pocket

Patricia Driscoll is being investigated for allegations that she mishandled funds for the Armed Forces Foundation. Why is this story getting so much attention? For one thing, Patricia Dirscoll is the ex-girlfriend of NASCAR driver Kurt Busch. For another thing, the Armed Forces Foundation is a multimillion […]

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